An enterprise-level, evidence based, digital, physical and psychological wellbeing platform. Integrated with wearable technology and built to create sustainable change.

iStrive is StriveStronger’s Digital Platform that houses all of our digital assets that has been developed with our global domain experts, using coaching psychology frameworks. It is the engine that drives everything that we do.

Live Life Score

Measure physical and psychological state of employees to identify areas for targeted interventions

Performance Toolbox

Evidence-based, engaging content to optimise performance habits

Curated Digital Content

Delivered by global domain experts to support StriveStronger tailored programs to further embed learning

Pulse Checks

Designed to measure key metrics (inputs) that drive individual and program goals (outputs) and enforce behaviour change


Personalised individual reports and aggregated Executive reporting that benchmark change over time

iStrive provides a cutting-edge approach to measuring and improving wellbeing and is a powerful differentiator to competitor offerings

iStrive is my ‘go-to’ app that coaches me to improve my wellbeing and performance. I feel excited about the changes I have made.

iStrive Features


A one-stop, online resource centre, that provides evidence-based curated content to help organisations and individuals thrive. There's been a strong shift for organisations to focus on Performance, and we're here to help organisations focus on "healthy performance". iStrive provides the science and the strategies for employees to thrive and be high performers whilst preventing burnout. 


LiveLife Score

Easy-to-use, science-based, employee wellbeing metric.

Capture the current physical and psychological health and wellbeing profile of employees.

Measure behaviour change impact, program effectiveness, and ROI.

We have developed an easy-to-use metric that only takes 5 to 7 minutes and captures data through integrated wearable technology. Provides a baseline of current physical and psychological wellbeing and measures impacts of behavioural change.

LiveLife Score includes 2 key components:

  • Biological Age based on physiological and behavioural data.
  • Mental Fitness Gauge covering areas including relationships, energy, stress, emotional wellbeing, focus, psychological detachment and digital wellbeing.


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Performance Toolbox  

Like having a world-class Performance Coach, in your pocket.


Inspiring employees to perform at work and optimise physical and psychological wellbeing, with over 50 on demand, science-based Performance Habits.


Influence and Coaching

Effective communication, leadership, delegation, conflict resolution, coaching, active listening, team-building, and influence.

Boosting Energy and Wellbeing

Boost energy, manage burnout, improve sleep and recovery, fitness and nutrition, fasting, and resetting circadian rhythms.

Working Smarter

Optimise WFH productivity: deep work, productive meetings,  distractions, digital addiction and overwhelm for a better week.

Optimise Performance Moments

Maximise performance, prepare for presentations & meetings, improve confidence, manage ambiguity, deal with setbacks, shift state and stay motivated.

Mental Health First Aid

Enhance emotional wellbeing, manage negative thoughts, cope with stress, anxiety and depression, practice self-compassion, support others and navigate uncertainty.

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Individual Dashboard & Executive Report

Personalised individual reports that benchmark change over time.

Pulse Checks  

Inputs lead to outputs. Pulse Checks are designed to add accountability and embed new behaviours across all StriveStronger programs.

“What gets measured gets done. What gets measured and fed back gets done well.

What gets rewarded gets repeated.”

John E. Jones III.

The iStrive Pulse Check function is designed to measure key metrics (inputs) that drive individual and program goals (outputs). We ask a series of questions to ensure participants are following the prescribed guidelines and doing all they can to boost physical wellbeing and resilience and train essential mental skills.

Participants can easily view insights tracking their weekly progress which builds compliance, powers behaviour change and increases the likelihood of reaching their goals.

Embedding new behaviours does not happen overnight. Research shows behaviour change requires reinforcement, accountability, rewards, social influence and feelings of progress. The methodology that sits behind the Pulse Check function is informed by this research.

Corporate Subscriptions

We offer Corporate Subscriptions that provide a range of additional features that can be customised to individual company needs, including webinars, challenges and data analytics and reporting.

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