Performance Toolbox  

Like having a world-class Performance Coach, in your pocket.

Inspiring employees to perform at work and optimise physical and psychological wellbeing, with over 50 on demand, science-based Performance Habits.


Influence and Coaching

Effective communication, leadership, delegation, conflict resolution, coaching, active listening, team-building, and influence.

Boosting Energy and Wellbeing

Boost energy, manage burnout, improve sleep and recovery, fitness and nutrition, fasting, and resetting circadian rhythms.

Working Smarter

Optimise WFH productivity: deep work, productive meetings, distractions, digital addiction and overwhelm for a better week.

Optimise Performance Moments

Maximise performance, prepare for presentations and meetings, improve confidence, manage ambiguity, deal with setbacks, shift state and stay motivated.

Mental Health First Aid

Enhance emotional wellbeing, manage negative thoughts, cope with stress, anxiety and depression, practice self-compassion, support others and navigate uncertainty.