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StriveStronger programs are delivered based on cohort-based learning methodology with evidence-based coaching psychology frameworks.

Our programs are tailored based on the needs of the cohort and the learning structure consists of the following:

Online Assessments

LifeLife is the baseline metric for physical and psychological capacity. Confidential online assessments before and after a program to measure change. We also have diagnostics that assess culture, productivity, physical and psychological wellbeing (MatchFit), productivity (WorkFit), holistic wellbeing and burnout.  All assessmets provide aggregated data and informs content for specific cohorts.

Live Webinars / Workshops

Interactive, live sessions with a range of StriveStronger domain experts/Performance Coaches. Topics are tailored depending on the needs of the cohort. We deliver Team Huddles (for everyone) and specific Leader Huddles to provide support and resources for Leaders to role-model and coach the wider team. Face-to-face workshop options are also avaliable.

Wellbeing classes

Diversity and inclusivity is one of our values and we offer a range of wellbeing classes to cater to different abilities and interests. Wellbeing offerings include Yoga, Breathwork and Mindfulness, High Intensity Interval Training, Pilates and Breathwork and Cold-Water Therapy classes.

On Demand

All our webinars and wellbeing classes are run online, recorded and made available On Demand via our iStrive Digital Platform in case anyone misses a session.

Curated Digital Content

All our programs are supported with additional digital content, including videos to watch, articles to read and podcasts to listen to.


Pulse Checks

We have an accountability framework that requires participants to complete weekly pulse checks and report on aggregated data back to the group. This allows tracking of KPIs throughout the program to increase compliance amongst the cohort.


Coaching Packs

Coaching Packs are provided specific to each keynote/webinar outlined in the Wellbeing Calendar. Coaching Packs include questions, coaching frameworks and example conversations for teams to have in a psychologically safe space.

Individual and Executive Reporting

Participants receive personalised results with recommendations and next steps. Organisations receive  aggregated summaries and future program recommendations with  strategies to enhance physical and psychological wellbeing, productivity and employee engagement.

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Engaging Programs that make a difference

StriveStronger programs are always tailored to the needs of the cohort. No program is ever the same. It's hard to explain what we do in a few words, so we've created this video to give you an idea of what a StriveStronger program is all about.


Here's what some of our participants had to say...


StriveStronger Partnership

There’s a lot that goes into a comprehensive wellbeing program prior to launch. After many years of experience delivering programs to thousands of employees, we have developed the StriveStronger playbook when it comes to a successful program launch:

1. Onboarding & Logistics

Ensuring that our programs are aligned to your organisations operating rhythm. We will guide and execute the successful implementation of our programs.



2. Dedicated Account Manager

To help organisations deliver a successful program, we have a dedicated account manager and defined process to onboard, launch, amplify and embed our programs into your operating rhythm.

3. Comms & Storytelling

Provide assistance to create a captivating narrative for the program, communicating and amplifying the program through creation of comms (imagery, video, posters, emails).

4. Launch

Launch with an engaging keynote or workshop event to inspire your employees to focus on their physical and psychological wellbeing to help them thrive both personally and professionally.

5. Delivery

Evidenced-based strategies, engaging speakers, curated digital content delivered using a coaching psychology framework. 

6. Executive Reporting 

Executive level reporting which summarises program outcomes and captures participant feedback to demonstrate program effectiveness.

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