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Case Studies

NAB Business Fit – Digital Wellbeing Platform

“The Business Fit program has been a very successful initiative with the IP now sitting on the broader NAB Small Business Hub. The brand awareness NAB received via media coverage on television, radio, podcasts, newspapers, magazines and digital has been phenomenal.

The Podcast now exists as a standalone product and has been nominated for industry awards. I thoroughly recommend the digital services of StriveStronger to any organisation wanting to engage their audience and achieve a world-class wellbeing offering.”

Ana Marinkovic, Executive General Manager, Small Business Bank, NAB.


MatchFit @ Westpac - Leadership Wellbeing Program

Westpac wanted to deliver a leader-led wellbeing program to improve engagement, sustain productivity and demonstrate to 2,500 Business Bank employees that they care. With face-to-face events unavailable due to COVID-19, Westpac wanted to partner with an organisation with the capability to deliver highly engaging content across digital platforms.

Program Client Testimonials

Nick Chapman, CBA, 30 Day Boost Participant

“ 30DB well and truly exceeded my expectation due to how easy it was to follow and how well rounded the program was. It covered absolutely everything from nutrition to exercise to wellbeing with encouragement sessions and a supportive community of people. I now ensure I always do a minimum of 10,000 steps, incorporate stretching into my exercise program and have set up my office to ensure correct posture is achieved.  An ah-hah moment was the performance plate. Previously I was eating a lot of protein, however was light on plants and performance carbs. I now ensure a much more balanced approach which is keeping me fuller for longer and provides more energy. 30DB will keep you on track. I really enjoyed it!!!”

Peter Atkins, BOQ, MF8 Participant

“There were 2 standouts for me when I started the MF8 program. First was reflecting on how many steps I was doing every day, in particular those days where the majority of my day was sedentary. Getting home from work and seeing that I had only done 3000-5000 steps gave me additional motivation to go for an evening work and then start planning my days so I could achieve at least 10000 steps. Second was reflecting on the number of alcohol free days I was having per week. Did I need that beer or glass of wine with dinner? Setting myself a goal of 4 alcohol free days per week cut down to the number of units of alcohol I was consuming per week and supported me in sticking to my exercise goal as well.”

 Darryl Mohr, CBA, 30 Day Boost Participant

“The combination of deep expert insights into nutrition, physical and mental health along with practical daily activities have helped me create a Better Week where I am more active and aware of the variety of at home activities I can undertake to be match fit for the challenges ahead. In particular, incorporating a regular yoga session, and more heart rate lifting intensity training has really helped me break out of the same day/everyday lethargy of the pandemic.”

Marcus Geeraerts, BOQ 30 Day Boost Participant

“At first I thought this was just another internal offering. But when I took the initiative to enroll and the Working from Home video O-M-G. it was comforting to know I wasn't the only person having a disastrous time WFH. I now have a weekly plan, start each day walking with my family, have changed my ergonomic set-up and am back to being productive again. I can not thank my manager enough for the support he has given me.”

Melinda O. Westpac, Matchfit @ Westpac Participant

“After decades of sedentary lifestyle, I took up group running at 47. Saved my life, in every respect, and has meant that I feel adaptable for this current situation, as I know I just need to find my pace & my breath. Loving your information which reinforces everything I've been learning as a late starter exerciser!​”

Cleo, CBA 30 Day Boost Participant

“Working with StriveStronger I have lost over 10kg and reduced my waist by 8.5 cm. When James first mentioned the program I was initially very skeptical. I have made so many changes including every morning to start my day and following a personalised exercise program, healthy smoothies for breakfast, drinking less alcohol and I have shifted my mindset. I have seen a lot of positive changes in my team who have participated in 30-Day Boost icluding: increasing their daily steps week on week, staff practicing on their breathing exercises inside and outside of work and increase morale as the staff feel supported by their leadership team through this pandemic.”

Marcus Geeraerts, BOQ 30 Day Boost Participant

“Overall I found the book and content extremely informative and all had essential elements from a holistic basis. From a program point of view I enjoyed the video's and supplementary reading to re-enforce. I enjoyed the planned structure over the 8-9 weeks. The flow of content was excellent.”

Geri Binns, Head of People Development, Rabobank

“I have seen Andrew May deliver multiple world-class presentations. From totally owning the stage and lighting up the room at last year’s Rabobank Dare Down Under conference for 1,500 Australian and New Zealand staff at Cockatoo Island; to more intimate leadership and strategy retreats for our executive; to recent virtual keynotes demonstrating a master class in how to engage people and hold their attention online.”

Angela Rudan, CBA, 30 Day Boost Participant

“When the opportunity to be involved in this program came up, I was so excited. I got so many positives out of the 30 Day Boost program and the most beneficial piece of information for me was starting the day off with a green smoothie. I now feel energised and a lot more clear headed each morning and I feel less like snacking during the day. The program had the perfect timing especially since the team were self-isolating. It is great to know that our people’s wellbeing is being looked after with such a great program being offered.”

GM Business and Private Bank, CBA

“We partnered with Andrew and his team to design a wellbeing and change management program for 300 employees where the core measurement of success was MatchFit Calculator and organisational metrics including engagement, absenteeism and turnover. The program focused us on personal metrics to work more efficiently, sleep and recover better, increase energy, add fun and joy to our lives and connect to purpose, loved ones and colleagues. The average employee is now walking 5,500 more steps each day, sleeping 30 minutes more each night, fatigue levels have dropped by 25% and average biological age decreased 3.5 years. The biggest change however is clarity on what is really important (Performance Moments) and what is just noise or distractions and trusting each other more as a team.”

Suzanne Story, Executive General Manager, Crisis Director COVID-19, IAG

“LeaderFit couldn’t have come at a better time. I had lost control of my calendar (and life) and wasn’t the best leader I could be. I was physically run down and struggling mentally to find joy in my work and life. It provided the awareness to cut out 30% of recurring meetings that weren’t adding value. Regular exercise, planning and thoughtful recovery has become part of my new routine and I feel physically and mentally stronger. COVID-19 has tested us all, however, I had the capacity to push through coming off the back of this program.”

Sean Carroll, EGM, Suncorp

“Following a restructure of the business we were looking to bring the team together with a shared philosophy and working practices that created synergy. Coaching Academy accelerated the effectiveness of the team and provided the platform we needed with an explicit behaviours and specific training on how to have coaching conversations. We now have confidence and the skills to have robust debate/healthy conflict without the collateral damage. The results have been exceptional.”

Coaching Client Testimonials

Matt Comyn, CEO, CBA

“Andrew’s coaching has made a difference to the way I manage stress and recovery; and his coaching, keynotes and leadership programs have had a very positive impact on the many people and teams he has worked with across CBA.”

Nick Hawkins, CEO, IAG

“StriveStronger’s programs have made a real difference to my leadership team including sustained energy, reduced stress levels and a change in work practices. The program provides fundamental building blocks for the body and brain that underpins productivity, sustainable performance and leadership capacity. Andrew’s coaching has had a profound impact on the way I manage my personal and professional life.”


David Lindberg, CEO, Retail Banking, RBS

“I have trained with Maysie each week for the past three years. He has influenced me to tip my approach upside down adding swimming, stretching/mobility exercises and fun/playfulness to not just my fitness program, but to my life. Andrew has a real passion to help others and this shines through in everything he does.”

Michael Wright, Head of BT Financial Advice, Westpac

“I worked with Andrew to get my mindset ready to appear before the Royal Commission. Incredibly, on the day that mattered, I was looking for any excuse to stay in bed, despite months of diligent preparation and focus. This is when the performance mindset and performance plan kicked into action –walking in nature that morning, turning off technology before the hearing, managing my inner voice, regulating heart rate and practising deep breathing throughout the day.”

Geri Binns, Head of People Development, Rabobank

“I have seen Andrew May deliver multiple world-class presentations. From totally owning the stage and lighting up the room at last year’s Rabobank Dare Down Under conference for 1,500 Australian and New Zealand staff at Cockatoo Island; to more intimate leadership and strategy retreats for our executive; to recent virtual keynotes demonstrating a master class in how to engage people and hold their attention online.”

Lyn McGrath, Group Executive, Retail Banking at Bank of Queensland

"Andrew has a special talent blending human performance, neuroscience and humour with practical experience in sport and business. The word I use to describe him is ‘bold’.”

Shelley Roberts, Managing Director, Compass Group

“Andrew came highly recommended by a number of CEW colleagues. His Performance Coaching methodology changed the way I work and lead, balancing my personal life to access a new level of health and executive performance.”

Doug Ferguson, NSW Chairman of KPMG Australia, Partner in Charge, Asia & International Markets

“I lost 10 kg and transformed my body shape, my eating habits and my knowledge on what is needed to stay healthy physically and psychologically to lead in the new world of work. The biggest changes however were to my general physical and mental health. I have more energy and feel much more in control of the working day.”

Keith Howard, Group Chief Information Security Officer, CBA

“The philosopher David Hume, a fellow Scot, said ‘a wise person proportions their beliefs to the evidence’. Working with Andrew has transformed me: I’ve lost 7 kgs; I’ve gained significantly more energy and learnt the techniques to implement far more structure in my life over the short, mid and long-term. Andrew provides the foundational blocks to thrive, personally and professionally.”

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