#79 Most Popular Episode of 2023: Dr Tom Buckley - The Science of Cold Water Therapy and Deciphering What is Fact, Fad and Fiction

Season #1

Tribes around the world have been implementing variations of cold water therapy (CWT) for centuries. And recently cold showers, swimming in chilly water, ice baths, and cryotherapy have exploded in popularity. Andrew and Dr Tom do a deep dive on the research (in some cases the lack of) about all things cold. Learn about different types of cold exposure, experimentation swimming in cold, the science behind brown fat, recovery protocols and treating injuries, and a 3-step graded CWT protocol. 

Andrew and Dr Tom Buckley have been working together for close to 20 years, with a mutual interest and desire to bridge the gap between the science of human performance and the reality of the human experience. They co-wrote the best-selling book MatchFit and have discovered a fine dance between pushing the body’s physical and psychological resources to stretch and not snap, to bend and not break.


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