#44 Dr Jemma King - Getting Kidnapped in Russia, Working as a Stunt Double and Performing Under Pressure

Season #1

Dr Jemma King has a PhD in human behaviour and is an emotional intelligence and performance under stress expert. She is a research fellow at the University of Queensland School of Psychology and is the Founder of BioPsychAnalytics, an Australian-based company that has developed scientifically validated methodologies to manage stress, reduce burnout, and improve behavioural outcomes in high-performing environments.

 Jemma has consulted to the Australian Defence Force, Special Operations Command, the Centre for Australian Army Leadership, the Australian Olympic Swim Team, Australian Government Solicitors, the Australian Institute of Sport and she works as a specialist external advisor to McKinsey and Company.

Jemma is a Mum of three teenage children and lives in Queensland. She has been a stunt double in a movie, managed a nightclub in Moscow during the fall of the communist Regime, and has lived around the world in Korea, Europe and Canada.

In this episode Andrew and Jemma discuss:

6:00 Jemmaā€™s crazy time living in Russia including witnessing a coup, working as a stuntwoman and surviving a kidnapping

12:15 How Jemmaā€™s parents, who are both very different people, influenced her mindset 

25:00 Why women tend to do better in a divorce

31:30 What motivates high performers and the biopsychosocial frameworks Jemma uses when she begins working with high performers

49:25 How Jemma started working/stumbled into her field

53:00 Jemmaā€™s work in sport and the Gold Medal Ready program, preparing Australian swimmers for the Olympic Games

1:06:20 Jemmaā€™s work in the military and the attraction/relationship with her partner Matt

1:20:35 Dealing with imposter syndrome

1:24:30 Performance Uncovered - 13 questions that uncover a lot more about Jemma the person opposed to Jemma the performer, what shaped her to become the woman she is and a few fun facts along the way 


You can find Jemma at her LinkedInhttps://rb.gy/5rwy3

                                            or Websitehttps://jemmakingbio-pa.com.au/

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