#42 Owen Eastwood - The Power of Belonging, Challenging the Cult of High Performance and Unlocking Potential with the Ancient Code of Togetherness

Season #1

Owen Eastwood is a UK-based New Zealander of Māori descent who works with some of the world's leading athletes, sporting teams, business leaders, entrepreneurs and performing artists. He is a litigation lawyer turned performance coach who has worked with the British Olympic Team, the English national football team, Harlequins RFC, Scotland rugby, the Command Group of NATO, the South African cricket team, the Royal Ballet School, and high performing corporate settings.

Owen's father passed away when he was 5 years old and this lead him 7 years later at the age of 12 to write a letter to the tribal chief and ask him "who am I and where do I belong?" The information he received back and the comfort knowing he did belong was a life changing moment, ultimately leading to writing the best-selling book, Belonging, which was presented to every member of the English Football squad at the beginning of the Euros.

Owen's focus is coaching in sporting and corporate spaces around the world, helping corporate leaders reset their working culture as we move out of so much disruption into a new world of teaming and performance.

In this episode Andrew and Owen discuss:

6:30 How Owen describes his career and coaching method.

14:30 Working with different sports teams.

26:30 Avoiding the term “high performance” and instead creating healthy environments.

36:00 Hormonal culture and burnout

46:10 Growing up and the origins of “Belonging”

55:40 Creating identity in teams

01:03:00 Performance Intelligence Baker’s Dozen


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