Bite Size #36: Stepping Up to the Next Level - Reed Mahoney (Coaching Corner)

Season #1

NRL player Reed Mahoney shares how he upped his game playing for the parramatta eels, starting with an inquiry into how he can play more consistently from game to game, eventually leading him to start coaching with Andrew.

Reed talks about how with Andrew’s help he set up pre performance routines to get him physically and psychologically ready before every game as well as starting to journal to reflect and look back on the performances to find what worked and what needs improvement

Reed Mahoney was born in Nambour, QLD, and played his junior football in country QLD before signing with the Bulldogs SG Ball team as a seventeen year old. A few years later Parramatta recruited Reed and he went on to play 101 NRL games and in 2021 was selected in the extended QLD Maroons State of Origin team. Going full circle, Reed has recently signed a 4-year deal with the Canterbury Bulldogs and is back where it began. Outside of footy Reed is passionate about property development and has an active involvement with Giant Steps, forming life-lasting relationships with young children who have autism.


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