Bite Size #33: Human Performance Assessments and the Quanitifed Self Movement - Dr Tom Buckley

Season #1

Have you ever been for a health assessment or physical?

In this bite size Dr tom and Andrew talk about what is measured in a human performance assessment and why it can be good to undertake in the process. They explain how a human performance assessment is about increasing performance rather than preventing disease, which a lot of other health assessments are focused on.

They also discuss the idea of “bio hacking” – how it can cause problems when done incorrectly but also how at its core it has a solid base of measuring data and using that to improve your health.

Andrew and Dr Tom Buckley have been working together for close to 20 years, with a mutual interest and desire to bridge the gap between the science of human performance and the reality of the human experience. They have discovered a fine dance between pushing the body’s physical and psychological resources to stretch and not snap.


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