16. Michael Klim - Competitive Spirit, Learning Agility and Running a Global Skin Care Business

Season #1 Episode #16

Michael Klim is a three-time Olympian, businessman, public personality and motivational speaker who has established himself as one of Australia’s most versatile entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers. Michael’s 17-year swimming career saw him receive a total of six Olympic medals, break multiple world records and collect the title of World Swimmer of the Year. He spends his time between Bali and Australia, drawing on his professional experience as a World Champion to drive the success of his entrepreneurial ventures, including global skincare brand MILK & Co and Klim Swim swimming schools.

Michael is also dedicated to his philanthropic endeavours, continuing to raise awareness and support for charity affiliations including Brainwave, an organisation providing practical assistance and emotional support to children with neurological conditions and the Polished Man Campaign, which encourages everyone to take a stand and actively commit to ending violence against children.

And if you feel you need a nudge to get your body moving and adopt a healthier lifestyle, check out Michael’s Instagram account where he provides doses of inspiration on a regular basis.

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