19. Ben Lucas - From Footballer to Building Fitness Empires and Future Proofing

Season #1 Episode #19

Ben Lucas is a former professional rugby league player, marathon runner, yoga devotee, proud father, husband, charity worker and fitness entrepreneur.

Ben has successfully made the transition from professional athlete to partnering with yoga guru Kate Kendall to establish one of Australia’s highest profile fitness businesses, Flow Athletic. Each week they provide inspiring yoga classes, group fitness, spin, resistance training and personal training.

Many businesses were decimated when forced to close their doors for extended periods of time due to COVID-19. Ben had spent the months prior to lockdown trialling different technology platforms and when his fitness business was forced to close its doors, the following day he launched 68 online weekly classes through Flow Athletic TV. Ben provides an inspiring example of how to future proof and establish a successful digital business.

You can find Ben at his Instagram, LinkedIn or at his various websites Flow Athletic, Flow Athletic Tv and Sammy Active
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