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MatchFit in 8 Weeks is designed for people who have completed their MatchFit Calculator and now want to take action


Prior to the MF8 Program Kick-Off, you will have access to the pre-season material as well as the MatchFit Library which contains the EXERCISE VAULT, RECIPE GALLERY, BRAIN GYM and RECOVERY WARDROBE. 

The Program

MF8 is a structured 8-week online program that acts as your personal coach.  Each week we have videos to WATCH, material to READ, podcasts to LISTEN to and activities to DO. 

The Benefits

People who complete the program;
 • Reduce Biological Age by 3 years,
• Increase MatchFit Calculator score by 10%,
• Boost energy/reduce fatigue levels,
• Improve their ability to manage physical and
psychological state.

An Introduction to MF8


MatchFit in 8 Weeks


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MatchFit Pre-Season

MatchFit Course in 8 Weeks

Better Week Template

 MatchFit Calculator

MatchFit Library including Exercise Vault, Recipe Gallery, Brain Gym and Recovery Wardrobe




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