Our latest corporate offering for teams and leaders who want to enhance physical and psychological wellbeing, boost productivity and elevate team cohesion and trust.



In sporting terminology a playbook outlines team strategy and provides the foundation to integrate players and build a winning team. Our 3-month curriculum aims to do the same and is anchored in principles of coaching psychology, blending an evidence-based approach with an engaging learning framework.

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MatchFit Calculator

Participants complete online assessments at the start and end of the program to understand how their brains and bodies are performing, how effective they are at managing their time and providing a baseline to measure and track change

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MatchFit Workshop

Presented by Andrew May and members of the StriveStronger team, this entertaining full day workshop establishes the skillset needed to increase personal energy; develop mental resilience; balance stress and recovery; work smarter and design a Better Week, our proven methodology to improve work life balance.

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MF8 Online Program

A structure 8 week online program that maintains accountability with regular Check Ins and participants have access to leading StriveStronger Performance Coaches to answer any questions or concerns they have.

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MatchFit Library

Our comprehensive online resource library that includes an Exercise Vault with guided exercise sessions based on your current fitness level; a Recipe Library with healthy meals to prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks; a Recovery Wardrobe with activities to recharge the body and brain; and a Brain Gym to optimise cognitive function, creativity and performance.

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MatchFit Book

The best seller written by Andrew and Dr Tom Buckley, the perfect accompaniment to support the way your team Move, Fuel, Recharge, Think, Play and Connect 

MatchFit Playbook Results Guaranteed*

The average MatchFit Playbook participant:

  • Reduces Biological Age by 3 years
  • Frees up 4 to 5 hours of extra capacity each week
  • Improves psychological skills (mental agility, social connectedness and ) by 10%
  • Boosts energy levels by 25%
  • Adds a whole lot of colour, fun and play to their lives.

*Requires 80% participation. Meaning, you follow the program, you achieve the results! We recommend investing 30 to 45 minutes each week to get the most out of MF8.

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