Human Performance Lab

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Research is at the heart of everything we do.

The Human Performance Lab is where we tinker, trial and toil with all things human performance, before rolling out to executive clients or including in corporate, public and online programs.

From nutrition principles including metabolic flexibility, ketosis, intermittent fasting and chasing the Holy Grail (losing fat and building muscle); to physical activity challenges; strategic recovery techniques including cold water therapy, cryotherapy and, yoga; through to sensory deprivation chambers and neurofeedback to alter physical and psychological state to induce flow and accelerate learning.

The Human Performance Lab is where we conduct our high-end Human Performance Assessments and executive coaching programs.

Human Performance Assessment (HPAx)

The most comprehensive high-level Human Performance Assessment in Australasia.

Teaches high performers how to manage their body and brain like managing a business or balance sheet. HPAx includes an ECG Stress Recovery Assessment, Blood Pathology, Brainwave Analysis and online assessments. Provides a clear set of performance metrics for physiology, stress and coping, cognitive capacity, physical and psychological recovery, energy management, physical activity, mindset and leadership capability.

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