Evidence-based. Tailored approach. Outcome-focussed.

StriveStronger’s consulting approach blends the latest research on human performance, with integrated solutions for Executives, People Leaders, Broader Teams and large Customer Bases. Our programs are tailored to align with the purpose and values of your organisation.

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Consulting Solutions

Culture of Wellbeing Audit

4-Step framework to designing and amplifying best-practice wellbeing programs.

Involves reviewing workplace health and safety protocols, internal policies and current wellbeing offerings. Using a consulting approach, we identify perceived gaps in the offering and provide high-level recommendations to deliver a best-practice, evidence-based, measurable wellbeing strategy linked to the company purpose, business outcomes and people strategy.

Executive Solutions

Human Performance Assessment (HPAx)

The most comprehensive high-level Human Performance Assessment in Australasia.

Scientifically-proven to enhance performance. HPAx includes an ECG Stress Recovery Assessment, Blood Pathology, Brainwave Analysis and online performance assessments. Provides a clear set of performance metrics for physiology, stress and coping, cognitive capacity, physical and psychological recovery, energy management, physical activity, mindset, leadership capability and a Burnout Ranking out of 100, showing future risk profile for burning out.

Executive Performance

Coaching leaders to manage distractions, work smarter and be more strategic.

Equips executives and senior talent with specific skills to perform under constant mental and physical demands. Executive Performance coaches leaders to sustain high performance without collateral damage, and inoculates senior talent against burning out. Tailored for each organisation with assessments, workshops, coaching and digital platforms. Guaranteed to free up half a day each week using the Better Week construct.

People Leader Solutions

Performance Boost

Building blocks for productivity, leadership, physical and psychological wellbeing.

With changes to the way we lead, work, think and manage employee wellbeing; it has never been more challenging to lead teams. The flipside is there has never been a more opportunistic time to stand up and lead. Performance Boost coaches people leaders to enhance physical and psychological wellbeing; improve resilience and mental agility; free up capacity to make important decisions and lead confidently during times of constant change.

Coaching Academy

Onboarding people leaders to iStrive and inspiring coaching cultures.

Onboarding program designed for people leaders prior to launching a company-wide iStrive program. Objectives include engaging people leaders and setting critical success factors; covering key coaching psychology principles that underpin behaviour change; improving personal wellbeing and leading by example; introducing Coaching Packs that help embed behaviour change and creating a Culture of Wellbeing.

30 Day Boost

Supporting employees to boost immunity, physical wellbeing and resilience.

A holistic approach to employee wellbeing proven to enhance engagement, physical and psychological wellbeing and productivity. Coaches employees to find the right balance between working from home and transitioning back into the office. Designed to be delivered in an interactive virtual format, 30 Day Boost is embedded into your existing operating rhythm, Coaching Packs and an engaging digital platform support leaders to drive the program.

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Broader Team Solutions


Digital platform empowering organisations to achieve a Culture of Wellbeing.

A scalable, world-class, digital solution that measures holistic wellbeing, engages employees at an individual and enterprise level, builds accountability and tracks performance improvement. iStrive has been built to incorporate new ways of leading, working, navigating change, managing mental health and uplifting employee wellbeing. Designed using a proven 3-step behaviour change process to lift engagement levels and embed change. iStrive is like having a personal coach, in your pocket.

Wellbeing Engagement Series

Engaging virtual and live wellbeing and workplace performance presentations.

A series of live, virtual or hybrid keynote presentations that engage and educate employees. Presented by world-class experts in a range of fields including science, medicine, performance psychology, neuroscience, sports performance, leadership, workplace productivity and digital learning. Presentations delivered monthly or quarterly and available to watch on-demand, housed on a company-branded digital platform with articles to read, videos to watch and podcasts to listen to create an immersive learning experience.

12-Months Event Calendar

Annual communications strategy and inspiring plan on a page.

One page Events Calendar that articulates the program narrative and aligns with the business and people goals; outlines key events and leverages wellbeing dates throughout the year like mental health awareness week, internal corporate challenges, community events, etc. Informs employees on monthly themes and upcoming presentations.

MatchFit in 8 Weeks

For people who have completed their MatchFit Calculator and now want to take action.

MF8 is a structured 8-week online program that acts as your personal coach.  Each week we have videos to WATCH, material to READ, podcasts to LISTEN to and activities to DO.

People who complete the program;
 • Reduce Biological Age by 3 years,
• Increase MatchFit Calculator score by 10%,
• Boost energy/reduce fatigue levels,
• Improve their ability to manage physical and
psychological state.

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30 Day Boost

Supporting organisations to stay productive, boost physical and psychological wellbeing, and remain energised and connected as a team.

30 Day provides access to content from a single platform that supports different learning styles. The program is based on principles of coaching psychology and is embedded into the existing operating rhythm, rather than being layered on top. Leaders are first inducted to ensure leader lead support. Leaders are also provided with simple coaching materials. Regular huddles for both teams and leaders are used to reinforce behaviour change and support new habit formation. Weekly check-ins with key indicator metrics are used to track progress. A complete suite of analytics is monitored across the platform to monitor content consumption and engagement and is used to tune the program. Weekly summary reports are provided.


6 Week Shred

Fast-track fat loss, improve confidence and boost energy levels with our science-based 6 Week Shred.

6WS is a structured 6-week online program that acts as your personal coach.  Each week you have videos to WATCH, materials to READ, podcasts to LISTEN to and activities to DO.  We also provide regular Check-Ins and a Chatroom where you can ask questions of our Expert Coaches.

Customer Base Solutions

Strategic Partnerships

Engaging digital solutions that enhance customer advocacy and build brand loyalty.

Partnering with organisations to create bespoke wellbeing, productivity and leadership programs for their customers. Tailored programs include StriveStronger digital assets, online courses, Research Institute, world-class coaches, digital learning and tailored communications plans. Can include client-specific video production, podcasts and learning resources.

Research Institute

Research is at the heart of everything we do. It is in our DNA.

Collaborating with global experts in medical science, sleep, genetics, ageing, sports science, exercise physiology, elite sport, physiotherapy, nutrition, psychology, neuroscience, technology and computer science, leadership and workplace productivity to examine biological, psychosocial and functional factors underpinning optimal human performance, leadership and wellbeing.

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