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Evidence-based online assessments capturing personal metrics and tracking change.

StriveStronger has created a range of evidence-based assessment tools that measure physical and psychological wellbeing, mental skills and psychological flexibility, chronobiology (internal body clock), productivity, burnout and general wellbeing.

In medicine prescription without assessment is considered malpractice. We believe the same holds true for health and performance improvement. Treatment or intervention without understanding where you are is a blatant form of ‘performance malpractice’.

StriveStronger online performance assessments allow us to track physical and psychological wellbeing and productivity trends over time. Which in turn, helps informs future research.

10 Dimensions of Wellbeing Calculator

Provides a baseline wellbeing snapshot for individuals, teams and entire organisations.

StriveStronger’s 10 Dimensions of Wellbeing encompass opportunities and risks an organisation needs to address to create a Culture of Wellbeing. The 10 Dimensions includes Physical, Social, Digital, Intellectual, Occupational, Spiritual, Cultural, Psychological, Financial and Environmental Wellbeing.

Employees receive a clear set of metrics and recommendations showing where they score well and areas for improvement. Over time we benchmark how business units are performing against other organisations in Australia and around the world.  Program investment can then be based on data and areas of need, rather than a "hit and miss" approach.

MatchFit Calculator (MFC)

Comprehensive assessment of employee physical and psychological wellbeing.

Businesses are increasingly aware of the critical importance of employee health and sustained business performance.  ‘’MatchFit is being able to play and compete at a consistently high level and continue performing at your best in an ever-changing environment. It is also about negating the biological decline of the body and brain post 40 years of age.

Provides employees with an overall score out of 100, indicating whether they are MatchFit, or not. The second level of reporting breaks down scores for the Body and the Brain and the third level explores five science-based MatchFit Metrics including Biological Age, Brain Fitness, Stress & Recovery Index, Nutrition Barometer and Physical Activity Index.

Mental Skills Calculator

Assessment of mental skills and ability to perform under high pressure.

Psychological skills or mental skills are tools for the mind. Just like putting a fitness program together to train the body to be healthy, fit, flexible and strong; we can do exactly the same for your brain. The primary goal of a mental skills program is to condition employees to front-load cognitive skills so that they can then be drawn upon when needed, under high levels of pressure.

Measures both behaviours and perceptions specific to mindset, cognitive function and decision making under pressure. Questions specific to key biopsychosocial markers help quantify current levels of resilience, decision-making capacity, ability to sustain energy levels, psychological performance and the ability to lead through constant change. The personal report measures the 12 Essential Mental Skills, broken down into Self-Discovery, Foundation Skills and Performance Psychology.

WorkFit Calculator

Measures personal productivity and provides a Future Proof Index.

To thrive in the post-COVID world we need to be agile and adapt to a hybrid of WFH, working form anywhere (WFA) and transitioning back to the workplace. Companies need to adopt different and more flexible ways of thinking and working; provide support in redefining personal and team operating rhythms; and creating a psychologically safe environment for employees to flourish.

Includes a Time Use Audit providing a snapshot of where time is spent on work-specific tasks such as emails, meetings, strategy, daily distractions; and personal activities including physical activity, hobbies and passions, time with friends, family and loved ones, learning and development.

Body Clock Calculator

Online body clock assessment that determines your Energy Personality.

Chronobiology is the study of circadian and biological rhythms. The body clock has an important role in rest and recovery, keeps our body on schedule and regulates internal functions including body temperature, heart rate, eating and sleeping patterns, brainwave activity, hormonal secretion and cell regeneration.


Measures peak productivity times based on circadian rhythm. Knowing your Energy Personality and structuring your day to match is a proven way to boost performance and productivity.

Burnout Symptoms Index

Real-time assessment highlighting the future risk of burnout.

COVID-19 has aggravated burnout and related forms of workplace distress, across multiple industries. This has led proactive organisations to place more awareness on the signs and symptoms of burnout, and a proactive awareness about what to do about it.

The Burnout Symptoms Index is a science-based assessment measuring an employee’s experience of common burnout symptoms in the past month. Burnout is characterised by symptoms of exhaustion, disconnection or alienation from work and reduced performance and productivity. Individuals receive a confidential report, management receives an executive summary with aggregated data and recommendations to reduce future risk.

Future Proof Index

Predictor of ability to cope with change and upskilling to maintain future employability.

The concept of future-proofing is about adapting/upskilling to the new world of work and making sure employees evolve and are still employable.

The Future Proof Index highlights readiness to change and shows an employees ability to adapt, learn and prepare for the future. The score is a predictor of the current ability to cope with change and adapt through cognitive flexibility.


Personalised individual and aggregated group reports that benchmark change over time.

Individual Reports

For every online performance assessment, employees receive a confidential summary of their personalised results with recommendations and next steps. Individual reports provide concrete measures of where employees are in real-time, and track changes.  

Organisational Executive Summary

Team leaders and organisations receive an Executive Summary including aggregated summaries of results and future program recommendations with specific strategies to enhance physical and psychological wellbeing, productivity and employee engagement.

StriveStronger Performance Assessments are change management tools that:
  • Present personalised data (the individual) and aggregated data (the company)
  • Provide a comprehensive summary of how people are performing at work and in life
  • Capture behavioural change/resistance to change
  • Can be used to identify and target areas with high levels of stress/poor engagement
  • Can be implemented periodically to benchmark the wellbeing and performance of your organisation
  • Capture metrics for individual and organisational change
  • Gather essential data before launching large-scale change programs (Keystone Habits)
  • Align with goal-oriented cultures

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