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Fast-track fat loss, improve confidence and boost energy levels with our science-based 6 Week Shred.

The Program

6WS is a structured 6-week online program that acts as your personal coach.  Each week you have videos to WATCH, materials to READ, podcasts to LISTEN to and activities to DO.  We also provide regular Check-Ins and a Chatroom where you can ask questions of our Expert Coaches.

The Benefits

People who complete the 6WS program:
 • Reduce body weight by 4kg
• Reduce their waist circumference by 4-6cm
• Boost energy/reduce fatigue levels

The Pre-Season

Prior to the 6WS program kick-off, you will have access to the pre-season materials as well as the MatchFit Library which contains the EXERCISE VAULT, RECIPE GALLERY, BRAIN GYM and RECOVERY WARDROBE. 

An Introduction to 6WS


"There were times when six weeks felt too long, but doing it with my husband, Dan, made the difference. We could prepare food together and motivate each other. We did lose quite a lot of weight, and we have more energy and muscle tone. I lost 7kg and Dan lost 10kg. I always had trouble getting under a certain weight and I completely smashed that. I found the 6WS Chatroom really helpful and supportive."

Emma Chesterman

6WS Video Testimonials


6WS Program Summary:

  • A six-week online fat loss program with community and group coaching support
  • Pre and post 6WS Assessment and Weekly Check In to track results and build accountability
  • Pre-Season to get your kitchen, your cupboards, your fridge, your diary, your body and your brain ready for success
  • Weekly Meal Plans and a range of tasty, nutritious meals that you can prepare in 15 minutes or less
  • Thorough understanding of what it takes to strip fat and keep it off
  • Learn how to enhance brain function, boost energy and mitochondrial density, and improve sleep, recovery and hormone function
  • Questions answered online by StriveStronger Performance Coaches
  • Each week you unlock a series of video tutorials, articles, podcasts, supporting research and activities to focus on for the week
  • An integrated multi-media platform built by experts in learning and behaviour change

Kick-off for the next 6WS

Monday 15th June 2020, 8:00 am (AEST)









6WS Options

We offer a standard online program and a premium program that includes a personalised 60-minute 1:1 coaching session as well as weekly Coaching Emails and Metrics.



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6WS Online

MatchFit Library x 3 months

Research Institute







including GST

6WS Online

MatchFit Library x 3 months

Research Institute

1:1 Coaching Session

Weekly Coaching Email & Metrics


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