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An evidence-based approach supporting employees to stay productive, boost immunity and physical wellbeing, enhance psychological resilience and improve team cohesion.


What is 30 Day Boost?

A structured, interactive program, 30 Day Boost, is proven to build mentally resilient workforces and great corporate cultures. Designed on coaching psychology and behaviour change principles, the online platform and live sessions include a comprehensive range of materials from domain experts provided in a format that suits all learning styles.

The program has five key areas that will teach you to protect yourself and your team against burnout and coach leaders to drive the agenda. There is something for everyone from actionable employer analytics, live online sessions, chatrooms, pre-recorded materials, articles and podcasts.

"COVID-19 has disrupted every workplace, requiring a different approach to the way we work and the way we live. Personally, the accountability to map out my Better Week made a dramatic difference to productivity and energy levels in the early days of the crisis. For the team, 30 Day Boost provided an opportunity to connect virtually, have important discussions about operating rhythm, a framework for more effective meetings and have some fun. There was a big shift in energy levels, mental wellbeing and engagement across the group."

Lyn McGrath
Group Executive, Retail Banking at BOQ

"I engaged with the StriveStronger team to deliver 30 Day Boost because I wanted to move quickly and show my team that we really care about them and to support them with the massive changes impacting our lives with COVID-19. The long and the short of it is its contextualised into four short words “live longer, live better”. Because the reality is if you don’t move, if you don’t watch what you’re putting into your body, if you don’t rest properly, if you don’t take time to think, if you don’t play and also connect socially; then its probably not a very long life and probably not a very good life either."

James Roberts
General Manager, Group Fraud Management Services at CBA

"30 Day Boost had a significant impact on our team including boosting energy levels, productivity and morale: 81% of the targeted population enrolled; people logged on 2.4 times per week, spent 10 minutes per session and visited 9.3 pages per session; 16% decrease in people feeling isolated from their colleagues; significant improvements in lifestyle and activity levels; at program completion a score of 4.5/5 in relation to the question ‘I feel supported by my leader/company?’. The results speak for themselves. "

Group Executive
Large Australian Bank

"We’ve had such a great participation rate in 30 Day Boost on the Team Huddles, cooking classes, wellbeing sessions and positive changes from the team including people getting excited about including spinach in their breakfast. 30DB has made us think about mental health and our overall wellbeing. The program has provided tools for the Rabo team to get through the months ahead. On a personal level, the Better Week exercises made me think about what I’m doing each week and plan ahead."

Karin van Selm
Executive Wholesale Banking Australia and New Zealand, Rabobank

Program Format

30 Day Boost is 100% online. The program is designed on principles of coaching psychology and behaviour change that guides employees through a range of activities, including:

  • Weekly team huddles and check ins
  • We work with your leaders and coach them on dialogue/conversations to support their team’s mental health
  • Live Connection Zone which includes fitness, relaxation, yoga and cooking classes. These classes are also available on-demand
  • Chatroom moderated by tertiary qualified health professionals
  • An extensive digital library with workouts, healthy recipes, and activities to build resilience, optimise cognitive function, creativity, and performance
  • An ability for program participants to connect with each other through a digital platform, reducing feelings of isolation and depression
  • Authoritative external voice and domain experts in psychology, physiology, sports science, nutrition, biology, physiotherapy, ergonomics, workplace design and data analytics providing scientific, evidenced-based, timely information
  • Designed to engage with a broad range of learning styles with content to Watch, Read, Listen and Do
  • Weekly metrics to show engagement levels and measure behaviour change

 30 Day Boost engages hearts and mind, supports leaders to truly lead (not just manage) and demonstrates that leaders care.  

Making it Easy to do Business

We understand just how many moving parts there are for large organisations right now (add to that complexities of WFH, home schooling, managing large teams, etc) and the last thing you need is another program to add even more work to your schedule. So, we have done everything we possibly can to make launching and administering 30 Day Boost as simple as possible. 


We provide:

  • A digital platform ready to go
  • We schedule events according to your organisation/team’s operating rhythm
  • A dedicated account manager to run the program and set up the communications
  • Support to help you write any communications required to launch 30 Day Boost
  • A dedicated producer to run and manage the technology for all webinars and wellbeing classes
  • The flexibility to use your organisations video conferencing platforms
  • An onboarding checklist to make sure everything is planned and appropriately tested prior to launch
  • Links to your organisations EAP details on our platform


What you need to do:

  • Identify someone internally who can work with us to organise logistics and send out necessary comms and be a point of contact for technology set up. Our account manager will step them through what to send out and when. 
  • Champion and support the program by filming a welcome a short welcome video from the team leader (we provide all the tech support and can do this over the web)
  • Provide permission for your team to participate in the program as a gift to look after their physical and psychological wellbeing


What your employees need to do: 

  • Sign up to our digital platform 
  • Attend the weekly webinars and wellbeing classes 
  • Engage, learn, connect and have some fun! 

Want to find out more?

If you would like to make a time for a guided demonstration, please let us know. We can also put you in touch with a number of leaders who have delivered successful 30DB programs for their teams.

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